What makes corporate security training effective: being self-paced, hands-on experience, and gamification.

Why CRISIS for Your Company ?

To provide employees with a progressive and challenging learning experience that has all the main components—it is hands-on, it is self-paced, and it has elements of competition and reward.

Premium training content

We make our virtual hacking labs approachable for players no matter their skill level. The latest vulnerabilities are routinely addressed.

Cybersecurity Talent’s Gathering place

Always be on the lookout for people who want to be part of your project because their contributions will help you expand.

Other Services

CRISIS help your team gain more experience

CRISIS will provide you with Challenges that will help your employees compete in real time and earn valuable cybersecurity competencies.

Join CRISIS, and host your very own cyber-security competition.

Prepare your employees for Today's Cybersecurity Threats

In CRISIS we have online cybersecurity courses from beginner level to the most advanced. CRISIS offer an interactive learning experience with well-defined paths for employees to practice.

Seeking the very best candidates?

Employ the best cybersecurity assets

With CRISIS find your team's next great playmaker. Create your company profile, and add job openings.


Invest in your team's cybersecurity training with a custom-tailored training experience, either on-premise or online, that is meticulously created and personalized to meet their needs.

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