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A harmonized collection of hacking techniques

A massive, online cyber security training plateform allowing the community to grow and improve their skills

Premium Content

Our virtual labs cover all skill levels, from very easy to insanely difficult. There is always, new content covering the most recent exploits and vulnerabilities

Gamified Cyber Training

Training needs to be invigorating, with Crisis you can get Points, Badges, scores, create teams, and a lot of other advantages are in play!

Practical Penetration Testing

We believe in an efficient hands-on training, where you learn by doing, instead of focusing on theoretical learning.

Learn things as you go along

Available on demand You control when and how much you will train based on your needs.

Begin your career in the cyber security field, CRISIS got your back with courses that cover from the basics to the most advanced topics.

Geared up to learn?

A Place where Hackers gather

It's great to be a CRISIS member. Since our community share the same goals, welcomes everyone and helps through exchanges of ideas and promotion of hacking knowledge.

Get a job with CRISIS

Don't miss out on a relevant opportunity to learn the latest information security skills. Apply to become a member of our creative community and find your dream job.

A Combined Collection of Hacking Experiences

Adaptive learning

Do you consider yourself a novice when it comes to hacking? This is where you should begin. Providing instructions and walk-through tutorials to get you started.

Machines and Challenges

Up-to-date lab facility, attack approaches.

Compete with others to best your adversaries, and advance your skill set!

Attack and Defense

Real-world labs with multiple targets and varied attack scenarios

These advanced simulations take into account not only real-world scenarios but also attempt to run experiments on a larger scale with actual servers and network vulnerabilities, and deviate from the norm by including various attack vectors, making them better suited for Attack and Defense simulation.

A platform that allows you to challenge even experts

Try CRISIS CTF Platform, you'll have the opportunity to become one of the users who succeeded in the cybersecurity field.

From Jeopardy-style to Attack Defense and KoTH, we've got everything!

Bring your potential to the limit with the help of our adapted Courses

CRISIS provides online cybersecurity courses ranging from the fundamentals to the professional level.

A full, guided learning experience in which you can practice and test your knowledge.

locate your next great career opportunity

Are you on the lookout for a new job in the cyber security field? Find your perfect fit, view all open positions, and get the job