Enroll in a community that's highly dynamic and exciting training that will take your skills to the next level!

Why Crisis ?

We use gamification to teach new things in cybersecurity and blockchain

Join us and Enroll in your respective university, be it a student or Professor


Get your students together and Host a CTF event for your own or against other universities


Online cybersecurity Courses to help everyone no matter their skill level

CRISIS’s mission

The aim of our cybersecurity program is to bring cybersecurity into the hands of everyone's grasp. There is nothing better to do but join forces with educational institutions throughout the world that promote knowledge, and offer them education dedicated plans.

Curriculum adapted lab

CRISIS offer Dedicated laboratories that are adapted to your unique curriculum and provide an entirely isolated environment, hosted exclusively for your students.

Exclusive Discounts

In CRISIS We do everything we can to promote education. Specials discounts are available for all premium training services to the educational institutions.